Chance The Rapper’s Christmas In Hollis Spoof Is A Drop The Mic Moment (Video)

Chance The Rapper returned to SNL. Now Grammy-nominated, the versatile MC/singer did more than just perform select pages from his acclaimed Coloring Book. In one sketch, Chance perfectly nailed a copycat image of D.M.C., while Kenan Thompson takes on the Rev Run part. Together, these artists expertly spoof Run-D.M.C.’s indelible holiday classic, “Christmas In Hollis.” As Heads can see below, from the wardrobe to moving of the arms, the cadences to the litany of food references, this nails the 1987 video of the song, even without using its beat or chorus.

“Jingle Barack” (a play on “Jingle Bell Rock”) plays as a holiday farewell to President Barack Obama. Admiring the accomplishments of the last eight years, the Rap record celebrates the advancements made in gay marriage, women’s reproductive rights, legalization of marijuana, and more. Naturally, all of this progress is presented with humor, both in the rhymes and the acting. “Hey kids, enjoy the presents while you can / ‘Cause next year we might get a bomb from Iran,” one part states, with a shadow of President-Elect Donald Trump speaking with his hands. “Jesus” (played by SNL episode host Casey Affleck) makes a symbolic cameo, with some ill break-dance moves, also alluding that even organized religion has reason for concern approaching 2017. “Been drinking eggnog ’cause I don’t care / Gonna hurt myself before I lose Obamacare,” Chance raps, with his arm in a cast. After a chorus breakdown, Leslie Jones appears, paying homage to Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa), who dedicates her brief verse to crush Vice President Joe Biden. In addition to poking fun at Donald Trump, this parody is not above some teasing of Barack Obama. From high waist “dad jeans” to the President’s closet smoking, there are some memorable laughs here at everybody’s expense.

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King D.M.C. also makes an appearance, dropping a funny line. The video ends with footage from one of the most Hip-Hop moments in Barack Obama’s presidency. What makes this all the more interesting, is Chance has known President Obama since he was a teen. Now, the Prez’ is one of his many fans and biggest supporters.

#BonusBeat: The original Run-D.M.C. “Christmas In Hollis” music video:

This original was produced by Run-D.M.C. and Rick Rubin.