Papoose Steps In For Remy Ma & Crushes A Track With Fat Joe (Audio)

Earlier this month, Papoose and his wife Remy Ma waxed a freestyle on Hot 97, couples style. Pap’ has been relatively quiet on the solo-music front, supporting the Grammy-nominated Remy as she and Fat Joe continue to ride the wave of success of their hit joint collab, “All the Way Up.” But now it seems the First Lady of the Terror Squad will soon be stepping into her tenure as the supportive spouse, thanks to Pap’s forthcoming Hoodie Season 3 mixtape. Though an official release date has yet to be shared, today (December 21), the Brooklyn, New York MC has unveiled its lead single, and it goes.


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“Back On My Bullshit,” which features Fat Joe and Jaquae and is produced by Tie Stick, is a return to the hard-hitting content and delivery longtime Papoose fans are used to. Showing off an entirely different side of the 10+ year veteran than did Remy Ma’s “Black Love” remix, Papoose is aggressive on the mic as he details the street-life mentality that’s made him rich. With some rapid-fire spitting, he opens it up for Fat Joe, who is equally grimy in his portrayal of the hustler’s machismo mentality. Newcomer Jaquae provides the amped-up hook, which celebrates the pleasures of fast money and dirty living.

When it arrives, Hoodie Season 3 will follow up 2014′ mixtapes Cigar Society and Hoodie Season 2. In 2015, Pap released his most recent studio effort, You Can’t Stop Destiny, which cracked the Top 20 on the U.S. Rap chart.