It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop: Remy Ma & Papoose Are Celebrating Universal Love Through Fashion

For Remy Ma & Papoose, it’s bigger than Love & Hip-Hop. The two fearsome MCs are one of Hip-Hop’s true Bonnie and Clyde couples, having married nearly eight years ago and embodying the phrase “for better or for worse,” after weathering Remy’s stint in prison, in the beginning of their marriage. As arguably Hip-Hop’s finest husband and wife lyrical team, Remy and Pap are now also stars of Vh1’s Love & Hip-Hop, and they are adding fashion to their resumes.


This week, the two stars launched their web site, Meet The Mackies, which features their new clothing line. Rather than just trading off of their Hip-Hop fame, the couple aims to spread a deeper message of celebrating love, generally. “When it’s real… it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve” Remy offered, in a press release. “#BlackLove comes in many different colors; it’s not about race, ethnicity, or nationality. It’s about being able to love and have real love through hardships and adversity. #BlackLove is unconditional, unbreakable, & unashamed—it’s forever.” Papoose added, “People that know me know loyalty and love is everything to me.”

Their new clothing line can be found at

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