Shia LaBeouf Says Compare Him To Eminem. Is He Really Da Bomb? (Audio)

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In the last month, Shia LaBeouf’s rhyme skills have come into strong focus. Ever since the MC appeared on Sway On The Morning, the Disney actor-turned-X-Men star elicited a lot of opinions across the Rap listening world. The Hollywood fixture (who once wanted to make a film about Eastern Conference/Def Jux artist Cage) was listening to what some said, and stuck it to a few naysayers late last week. The bars had bite—and more opining followed on the latest actor-turned-MC.

Lil Yachty, who was poked in previous disses told Ebro’s Beats 1 show that he is not concerned with bad vibes. “I’m blessed, bro. My bank account still large, though. I still got my fans, my house, my mother still has her crib and we still got our cars. I’m blessed,” reiterated the Quality Control Records artist. “I could never be upset. I’m having fun.” Soulja Boy, who was arguably in a position nine years ago that Yachty currently enjoys as “Rap’s biggest new sensation,” is not so cool on Shia. After the actor wove the former Collipark Music upstart into his Friday freestyle, Soulja Boy told ’em on Instagram: “You a bitch ass nigga, you can’t never come to Atlanta. You can’t never come to the streets in the hood. You can never live my life, nigga. You need to stick to acting, real shit, nigga.”

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Shia was listening, and wove it all into his latest freestyle. The actor is entertained by Soulja’s threat. He gives notice, “I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule is flexible,” after this bar barrage aimed at S.B.: “You’re not Hip-Hop, you’re Pop, you’re ‘MMMBop’ / You’re just an obscure fruit my dude, you’re kumquat.” However, Shia also says “Eat you for the novelty / Harbor no animosity / Look, this is all for fun and for free / I just killed Rap’s bourgeois.” That said, this is shaking things up. To those not as concerned with jabs and beef, Shia (perhaps in spite of ruffling Rap feathers) rhymes earlier: “Compare me to Brando, Eminem / Pen to pen / I’m better than him and him / 20 men…,” Whether talking about acting or rapping, those are lofty self-comparisons.

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While Wale and J. Cole have a back-and-forth as two MCs with #1 chart spots, gold and platinum discographies (respectively), Shia LaBeouf upsetting some Rap peers may be just as interesting.  And for those tired of it, the actor vows “this is my last one.”

Also in the “hat trick” freestyle, Shia bigs up his acting chops (referencing his upcoming portrayal of tennis star John McEnroe), belittles the US President Elect, and name-checks a few Hollywood legends.