D.L. Hughley Uses Comedy & Intelligence To Show How Hypocritical We’ve Become (Video)

D.L. Hughley has built a career on making light of current events. The creator of The Hughleys has been active for more than 25 years, using his family, personal life, and world at large to illustrate powerful points, sprinkled with humor. Recently, the Los Angeles, California native stopped by Sway In The Morning. He followed up his jaw-dropping April 2016 appearance, which showed nothing is off limits. There, D.L. weighed in on Kanye West’s recent meeting with Donald Trump, his son’s romantic life, and more.

The morning show team asked D.L. about a recent remark he made online about the death of actress Debbie Reynolds that caused controversy.

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At 7:30, Hughley explains that he sees comedy as showing people the error in their ways. “Comedy is inherently offensive. That’s why you wait ’til people leave the room to say the vile shit you gonna say. It would be different if we were really as gentille a nation as we pretend to be, but we’re not. We say one thing out loud and do another thing in private. I think [the purpose of] comedy is that we open the door and let you see what’s happening. We have become a nation that bullshits itself a lot.” Here, D.L. taps into Gospel singer Kim Burrell’s recent sermon. Deemed homophobic, the message (which was later clarified) cost the Houston, Texas-based singer an appearance on The Ellen Show. “Like the whole Kim Burrell thing [regarding her homophobic remarks],” continues Hughley. “She’s been saying [things] about gays and talking about homophobia [for a long time]. That [opinion] is an edict in the Black community [and Black Church community]. That’s what Black churches…that’s what religions do, period.” Riffing on the issue, The Original Kings of Comedy co-star proceeds, “She’s a pastor. It’s funny to me that Black churches don’t like gay people, ’cause then they wouldn’t have choir directors, so…”

Here, D.L. expands the issue, saying that the differing opinions are true to the core beliefs of people. He says to condemn one another is a cover-up. “Black people are gonna dig [Kim Burrell because of what she said]. Gospel is gonna dig her. I think [we have gotten to a point] where I can’t even have a thought that’s different from you. I can’t have an expression.” Looking at his own life, the 53 year-old says, “I don’t have to like you; I don’t have to see the world the way you do. I’m not scared of you. You don’t have to like me. ‘You’re not funny!’ Motherfucker, I’m paid to be funny every single day. Every single day, I’m paid to tell you what I think you; you can dig it or not. But this idea that we all have to be the same and we all have to think a way and act is a way is just so different from who we are. We are a nation…we are a mean-ass place! We’re as racist as you get. Like people talking about Donald Trump is racist; he’s not even the most racist President we’ve had. [Laughs] Lyndon Johnson called [The Civil Rights Act] ‘the nigger bill.’ He said, ‘When I put a nigger on the [Supreme Court] bench, I want everybody to know it’s a nigger.’ So it’s probably been two Presidents [ever] that haven’t been racist. And we pretend like [this is a new phenomenon].

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At the 11:00 mark, D.L. Hughley returns to homophobia. He points out that some of the biggest critics of the LGBTQ community are massive hypocrites. “Gay sex didn’t even make God’s top seven sins, like ‘gluttony’ and ‘greed.’ You’ll see ‘I hate sinners; God hates gays.’ Well, God hates people that are gluttons too. You could put that same [hate] over at Shoney’s buffet, couldn’t you? You can’t really hate gay people with a bucket of chicken [in your lap], ‘That ain’t right!’ You do know this! You can’t. It’s just so funny to me.”

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In 2016, D.L. Hughley returned to television care of Heartbeat.