Snoop Shows He’s Still A Top Dogg In A Freestyle Cypher With A$AP Rocky (Video)

Although Snoop Dogg has enjoyed one of the longest careers in Rap music, having logged 25 years in the game, he has often been under-appreciated. His name is seldom mentioned in GOAT or Top 5 discussions, and he has never won a Grammy, despite 17 nominations. Perhaps the area in which he is most underrated, however, is in his ability to freestyle.

Snoop Dogg Is Finally Being Recognized For The Hip-Hop Legend He Is

While others claim to be rhyming off the top when they are spitting a written, Snoop’s freestyles are almost always impromptu and are usually so effortless, they sound pre-prepared. In fact, as Heads may know, some of his classic records, like Doggystyle’s “Gz and Hustlas,” were actually “throwaway” freestyles in the booth that were too good to be discarded.

The Boss Dogg recently showed his off the dome skills are very much intact, on the latest episode of his ongoing GGN talk show. Joined by guest A$AP Rocky, the two chopped it up about everything from Rocky’s recent appointment as MTV Labs’ Creative Director to the love that Snoop now has for Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records. As is the case with most GGN episodes, it offers a candid glimpse into the type of dialogue that ensues between two successful artists who have mutual respect for one another.

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Even more compelling than the conversation, however, is the true Hip-Hop moment that occurs, commencing at the 7:41 mark. After a “weather” break, we find Snoop and Rocky listening to the murderous track Alchemist cooked up for Mobb Deep and Kool G Rap on “The Realest.” As true MCs are known to do when presented with a beat of that caliber, both Rocky and Snoop are compelled to rhyme. Rocky, also not known to be a freestyler, has no fear kicking several bars off the top. While not perfect, he has fun with it and still performs better than most would, if given the opportunity. When it’s Uncle Snoop’s turn, he rips a verse with style, flair and substance, and he does so, effortlessly.

Throughout his rhyme, Snoop salutes the young gun and also reminds folks that this started long before Doggystyle for him, as he claims ’89 as his true beginning. And, as for his lyrical skills, perhaps one of his lines says it best: “I’m the coldest when it comes to this freestyle. I’m Big Snoop Dogg. Yes, I’m the G-style.” Indeed.