Cheers. There’s Still Great Hip-Hop Being Made. Here’s A Bunch (Audio Playlist)

Life is too short to listen to bad music. So…let us fight through it for you and only supply you with the good stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, is better than it’s ever been before. Not only are we able to go back and listen to all of our favorites, at the click of a button, there is also a ton of great music still being made by artists, young and veteran alike…if you know where to look.

To help with that task, we’ve created 2 playlists. One features more recent music–songs that have been released within the last year or so–while the other is throwback, focused on the 80s and 90s. We will update each of these playlists regularly, so, if you like what you here, subscribe to follow us on Spotify.

This Throwback Playlist Celebrates The Hip-Hop That Is Never Played-Out. (Audio)

Tonight, we celebrate the newer music. Recent additions include Raekwon (The Chef is dropping a new album soon), Big Sean, Nick Grant, Sampha, Syd (from The Internet), Keith Murray and more. They join Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Pusha T, De La Soul, Solange, Anderson .Paak, Chance The Rapper, Elzhi and too many great artist to name. There’s Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk, because no one can live on Hip-Hop alone.

Hit shuffle, press play and enjoy.