Chris Rivers Pays Tribute To His Father Big Pun With A Crushing Freestyle (Video)

Tuesday (February 7), marked the 17th anniversary of Big Pun’s passing. Though Pun only released two studio albums, his dextrous rhymes and impeccable flow left a mark that allows him to still be widely considered one of Rap’s all-time greats, nearly 20 years after his debut album, Capital Punishment.

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In addition to through his catalog, Pun’s musical legacy lives on with his son, Chris Rivers. Much like his father, Rivers flexes a punishing style that is aggressive, rapid-fire and a non-stop attack. And, though Rivers has more than established his own identity as a skillful MC over the years, he has never run away from his heritage. In fact, he has proudly celebrated his bloodline, even initially performing under the name, Baby Pun.

Very much aware of the significance of the week, Funkmaster Flex invited Chris to be the guest on his latest freestyle segment, and Rivers did not disappoint. For nearly 6 straight minutes, he went on an all-out verbal assault, seemingly barely pausing for a breath.

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The instrumental is secondary, as Rivers’ Rhyme is clearly the main attraction. At the 1:50 mark, he shifts into another gear, stacking rhyme after rhyme using the same sounds. It’s at 3:59 in, however, when the verse becomes special. Chris gets personal about his father, in only the way a family member can. “See, my Papa died at age 6/Shit ain’t been the same since/Lost my father, home and sense of God, it’s in that lane shift/Got a lotta drive, no pun intended/Through the doubts/Became the man of the house/Like Pun intended,” he raps. He continues, “I goes hard, harder than life/Harder than when all you have from your Pops is jewelry and pawning the ice/To keep on the lights/I’d rather be in dark with the mice/With sentimental value/But Pops loved the old hood, so never left the old avenue/Where ni**as would chain snatch you/Yeah, thanks Pops. Had 3 home invasions/Ain’t saying it sarcastic, I needed the motivation.”

There’s nothing babyish about Chris Rivers. He’s a grown man–one who has done his father proud.