Fat Joe Tells An Animated Story About Meeting Big Pun & It’s Epic (Video)

Few artists have impacted Hip-Hop over a longer span than Fat Joe. For nearly 25 years, he has remained relevant, not only enduring, but seemingly growing in popularity. While Joe started off as an underground rapper, aptly-nicknamed “Da Gangsta,” he has morphed into an artist with incredible mainstream success, without sacrificing credibility or compromising his style to conform to the flavor of the moment.

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Despite his individual success, Joe’s legacy will forever be tied to Big Pun, as the person largely responsible for helping to break the fallen Bronx MC. Rather than bristle at the constant questions about his Rap “twin,” Joe embraces them, relishing the opportunity to keep Pun’s memory alive. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a new video in which Joey crack describes the moment that he first met his fellow Terror Squad brother.

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In speaking with XXL, Joe gives an incredibly lively re-telling of the day that would change both men’s lives. In fact, he is so animated that the story is rendered into a cartoon form so viewers can literally see what Joe is describing. Beyond the enormity of the event, what makes it special is learning that Joe was just as excited as any Big Pun fan hearing the legendary spitter demolish a verse. The clip is only a minute and a half, but engaging for every bit of that time.