Keith Murray Drops His Best Song in 10 Years With Help From Erick Sermon (Audio)

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2/3 of the Def Squad have teamed up on a phenomenal new song, “No Exceptions.” Produced by Erick Sermon, it’s Keith Murray’s first single in six years, and it shows the Long Island, New York MC is back in a major way. Following memorable appearances at A3C and the BET Awards in 2016 and ’15, respectively, Murray is entering 2017 with what is arguably his strongest solo record in a decade. From Sermon’s stellar production to Murray’s nimble wordplay, it’s evident the longtime collaborators have not lost the energy that’s been flowing between them since the early 1990s. In fact, it seems their time apart has only strengthened their bond.

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“Everybody get it, no exceptions,” Murray threatens on the song, which is all about his eagerness to destroy other MCs. Perhaps inspired in part by his highly criticized performance in a battle against Fredro Starr in 2015 (which he himself acknowledged as being of poor quality), “No Exceptions” is filled with boasts about his rhyming abilities and admonitions for anyone who dare step to him. “Shit I be makin’, recoverin’ alcoholics start back drinkin’,” he raps before using the term “culture imposter” to describe any would-be lyrical opponents. “I’ma kill you all and what you claim/You come against me, I’ma touch your brain/I don’t wanna hear about your money and your chain,” he proclaims.

“No Exceptions” is more than likely evidence that Keith Murray has a new project in the works, and it could potentially be his first studio effort since 2007’s Rap-Murr-Phobia (The Fear of Real Hip-Hop). Most recently, he dropped the 2011 EP, Strange Encounter.