Kool G Rap Announces First Solo Album In 6 Years & It Has Some Exciting Guests

Less than a week ago (February 17), Queens, New York veteran Kool G Rap and Juice Crew band-mate Big Daddy Kane performed a co-headlining event in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Billed as an “The Most Epic Hip-Hop Showdown,” the Sherman Theater concert featured each legendary MC going song-for-song in a battle for crowd reaction. Two widely debated “GOATs” of rapping made a sport of their craft, and gave show-goers something they’ll hopefully never forget.

In promotion of that event, G Rap spoke to Boxtorow Goes One on One on SiriusXM Radio. Interviewed by host Donal Ware, the “Ill Street Blues” creator revealed plans for his first solo album since 2011’s Riches, Royalty, Respect. “It’s called The Return Of A Don. It’s featuring many dope rappers, many dope MCs, and certain cats in the game who I consider more than just my peers in Hip-Hop, but actual brothers. [There are] names on there like Saigon, names on there like Raekwon, rest in peace to my man Sean Price, who I was fortunate enough to [record with] before he passed on to the Essence.” The legendary MC revealed that some remaining “red tape” is the only thing in the way of a confirmed date. “It’s coming soon though, baby.”

Less than one year ago, G Rap and Sean Price worked together on the 11-MC possé cut, “The Underworld 2.” Mobb Deep’s Havoc, Chino XL, and Non-Phixion’s Ill Bill and Sabac Red were also involved.

Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap Battle Song-For-Song, In Concert (Video)

While he joined Brooklyn, New York MC/producer for the Rap Godfathers group since his last solo, G Rap also worked extensively with Ghostface Killah on the 2014 36 Seasons album. Additionally, the MC has appeared on tracks by Vinnie Paz, Cormega, and Saigon during that time.