Hackers Are Playing YG’s “F*** Donald Trump” On Stations Across The Country (Video)

In the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration, Compton rapper YG offered to perform at the event for $4 million dollars. Specifically, he was referring to his anti-Trump anthem “FDT,” which he originally released last March. Featuring Nipsey Hussle, the song was given the remix treatment a few months later, with G-Eazy and Macklemore coming on board to lend the song a united, multiracial front. As the song’s title suggests, it’s a response to Trump’s racist rhetoric, unqualified experience, and problematic implications he presents to American democracy, but as we now know, none of that seemed to matter come Election Day. However, that doesn’t mean the song has lost its power. In fact, it’s being used by hackers in the Trump resistance movement in Republican strongholds across the United States.

Donald Trump Is Just the Start. YG Is Ready To Take On the System.

As reported by AP, Buzzfeed, and local outlets in a handful of states, hackers are intercepting radio signals to interrupt whatever is playing at the time and replacing it with “Fuck Donald Trump.” According to Buzzfeed, these merry pranksters seem to have most recently launched their small-but-bold act of resistance in Salem, South Carolina on January 30. Community radio station 107.9 usually plays oldies, but at some point during their usual broadcast, listeners heard YG’s voice instead. In a statement made by the radio station on Facebook, it was said “Our internet has been HACKED at our transmitter site and the station has played anti-Trump songs. This is NOT our broadcast! We at WFBS do not take political views!” The story was covered by the local NBC news, who interviewed a radio DJ whose broadcast was hacked.

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However, WFBS has not been the only station inadvertently blasting the song. San Angelo, Texas; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Evansville, Indiana; Seattle, Washington; and Louisville, Kentucky have all reportedly experienced similar hackings, according to the Associated Press. Whoever is responsible, reports Buzzfeed, used what’s called a Barix Exstreamer, “an audio over IP device that isn’t by default secured.” According to Barix founder Johannes Rietschel, hackers were able to utilize the Exstreamer in such a fashion because “unsecured devices are easily identifiable via a shodan search engine.” Comparing it to a home router, Rietschel also says the “FDT” fiasco is likely not the last time hackers will take to public airwaves to make political statements. “With significant interest to take over the devices for political messages or even blackmailing, there will be more takeovers and maybe even ‘hacks.'”

As YG raps in “FDT,” Trump “can’t make decisions for this country, he gon’ crash us.” With every passing day of his tenure in office, it seems those words are prescient. Hacking the radio is a good start, but Heads all know that Hip-Hop will help the resistance unite in powerful ways beyond a prank.