Geechi Suede Climbs Fishnet Skyscrapers To Reach Love’s Top Floor (Video)

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On “7 Digit Dolls,” Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede celebrates the romantic interests in his world, adding some romantic flavor to his recently launched solo catalog. It’s the first taste from his forthcoming mixtape, Fishnet Skyscrapers, which officially drops on April 4. Just a few months removed from the release of his debut album, the 21-track  0.9 NyteLife FM, the Bronx, New York rapper has successfully launched a solo career while continuing to release material with his Camp Lo partner, Sonny Cheeba. 20 years since they dropped Uptown Saturday Night, Geechi shows no signs of stopping, and today (March 31) premieres the video for “7 Digit Dolls” on Ambrosia For Heads.

Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede Kicks an Amazing Freestyle & it’s Deeper Than Rap (Video)

In the video, Geechi samples romance with women representing a spectrum of beauty, basking in that intoxicating sensation that new relationships bring. Admitting that he’s got “so many numbers,” he plays the field, but leaves us wondering which of the dolls is number one.

#BonusBeat: Geechi’s 15-track Fishnet Skyscrapers, which features (among others) his Camp Lo partner Sonny Cheeba, can be streamed below and is available on iTunes.

For more Geechi, Heads can get a visual dose of his debut LP, which dropped last December.

Photograph by Yvtee Lee Kang.