Sha Stimuli Raps About The Mighty Movers Of Change In This Brilliant Freestyle (Video)

Sha Stimuli is the latest MC to create a topical freestyle verse on video for Ambrosia For Heads. The Brooklyn, New Yorker was asked to cover something from the news in the previous week that meant something to him. Instead, the former Virgin Records MC and Just Blaze affiliate focused on the “strong.”

This powerful 2-minute acapella verse deals with a ton going in the world. Looking at institution power (as well as wealth and respect), Sha Stimuli narrows the gap between politicians and drug dealers, and says rappers are guilty of the same illusions of fame and power. The rhyme pattern is deeply impressive as Sha traces his career into teaching others, and then in the next bars, chronicles America going from segregation of Blacks to Barack Obama’s Presidency in a 50-year window.

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Stimuli urges Heads to work for change instead of hustling or numbing the disappointing realities. He then addresses a plethora of present-day issues: the law enforcement, gay marriage, why some of the New England Patriots refuse to visit the current White House, and a generation of TV-drawn zombies (from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Walking Dead). The wordplay is phenomenal, as Sha Stimuli switches up the flow to allude to the n-word, Hidden Figures, The Incredible Hulk, and Superman. All of this poetic thought and information winds down to one resounding message: “Just remember that the President has no crown. You have the power!

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Sha Stimuli is presently putting the finishing touches on his next album, Lazarus on 10 Minutes Late Records. Its first single and video are coming soon.