Gift Of Gab, R.A. The Rugged Man & A-F-R-O Rap With Fast & Furious Flows (Audio)

Blackalicious MC Gift Of Gab released a new EP last week called Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!. The Sacramento, California veteran MC extraordinaire known for his early 2000s “Alphabet Aerobics” lyrical exercise (that even had “Harry Potter” busting raps) and a host of other dazzling displays releases a song that 100% supports that title.

“Freedom Form Flowing” is a new clinic in MC’ing, but this one has company. With fellow California native A-F-R-O on the track, Gab also reaches across the country to link with fellow early ’90s Rap classmate, R.A. The Rugged Man.

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Over a simple but hard drum and piano beat, the three MCs display some of the finest flows you’ll hear in 2017 (or any recent time for that matter). Gab leads things off with a furiously fast Rap that shows while Midwest MCs often get credit for choppin’, this Bay Area native has been true to that game for nearly 25 years. A-F-R-O follows with his mechanical mandible chronicling his style of Rap, and why he’s one of the few new artists getting major props for his nimble delivery. R.A. plays cleanup,  showcasing two vastly different patterns. Starting slow, suddenly, the Long Island MC hits the turbo button and goes all out, before drifting back, then speeding up again. Fast or slow, boxing, sex, film, and Hip-Hop references decorate his stylish verse. R.A. even references Daniel Radcliffe’s aforementioned Rap karaoke appearance with The Roots, covering Blackalicious.

To make things even better, the DJ scratches in some exciting intro riffs for each MC.

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Gab has released Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again! through the Patreon subscription platform. Supporters not only receive the new EP, but will also reportedly get exclusives from the Quannum Projects/Solesides MC. Beyond simply asking for a different kind of consumer model, Gab wrote a detailed essay on his kidney failure and ongoing recovery that has affected his touring and lifestyle…but clearly not his craft.

As a note, R.A. (who has a new podcast) and ‘Fro have a new North American tour together, beginning later this month.