Here’s The Musical Life Of Ghostface Killah Told In 2 Minutes (Video)

Today (May 9) is the 47th birthday of Ghostface Killah. For just over half of his life (dating back to 1993), the Staten Island, New Yorker has been widely revered as one of the most original, convention-defying lyricists in Hip-Hop. In that esteemed catalog are more than two handfuls of solo albums, keystone Wu-Tang Clan verses, and a number of TV appearances that have kept Rap fans well-fed like ziti. The artist who began his career with a covered face (at a time when his DOOMstarks cohort MF DOOM did not) has revealed so much more than a visage, through lyrics, attitude, and many colorful moments.

Mass Appeal quickly celebrates the anniversary of Dennis Coles with a fast rundown of Rap facts surrounding his career. The MC’s name comes from the 1979 The Mystery Of Chess Boxing film (also a Enter the Wu-Tang song title). The video also points out that RZA stated in his 2010 book that Starks’ 1997 “Impossible” verse was “the greatest Wu verse ever written.

RZA Explains Why Wu-Tang Clan’s Next Album Is Ghostface Killah’s Responsibility (Video)

It’s easy to forget some times, but in addition to Theodore Unit, G.F.K. was instrumental in creating a lane for now-Wu member Cappadonna by way of 1996’s platinum-certified debut, Ironman. In 2017, Tony made a non-album remix appearance alongside his right-hand-man Raekwon, following recent appearances with Vinnie Paz, Hanz On, and Omarion. The MC’s last solo LP was 2015’s Twelve Reasons To Die II with PRhyme member Adrian Younge. According to RZA, he is at the helm for a potential upcoming Clan LP.

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Happy birthday, Ghost’, here’s to many more “Mighty Healthy” years.

#BonusBeat: The aforementioned “Impossible” verse:

This appeared on Wu-Tang Forever, which celebrates its own 20th birthday next month (June 3).