Snow Tha Product Has 99 Problems But Incredible Lyricism Ain’t One (Video)

Snow Tha Product is an MC whose fame and talent cannot be denied, despite perhaps never attaining the level of recognition of others in her class. Since yesterday alone, her latest video – for the song “Problems” – has garnered over 200,000 views, a remarkable feat for an artist whose most recent project dropped more than two years ago. An exceptionally gifted spitter, the San Jose, California native hasn’t released a studio LP in nearly six years. Nevertheless, she continuously releases material, including the video for “Waste of Time” just two weeks before the new visual.

Snow Tha Product Is Tired of Waiting for People to Wake Up (Video)

On “Problems,” the #WOKE rapper lists the many problems in her life, including not getting the credit she feels she deserves – yet somehow still managing to pull off success others can’t. “I’ve been killing game like coffin/Had a cough so long ’cause I’m sick/That shit wasn’t even a clever bar, I can’t beat this cold and I’m pissed/I swear I’ve had torn vocal cords since 2010/How the fuck do I get through events?/How do I tour more than most of you rappers?” “Half of y’all don’t even check the amount/Brag, and don’t even have a checking account/Bitches better give it a rest and be out,” she adds.

In the video, she balls out, tossing cash around in a cheeky nod to the stereotypical Rap video which offers up no substance but racks up the most numbers. Produced by her very own company, Woke Productions, it’s a simple yet effective video. Lyrically, she delivers hard blows left and right, and she is clearly unbothered.

Last summer, Snow Tha Product dropped a song and video showing off her bilingual skills in the form of “Despierta,” perhaps her cleverest and concept-driven video of her career.