Token Is Learning Success In The Industry Doesn’t Come Without New Problems (Video)

At 18 years young, Salem, MA MC Token has done more at his age than most musicians get the opportunity to do in a lifetime, but that’s not to say his accolades have merely fallen into his lap. Token has found himself on Sway In The Morning and on an international tour with the likes of Hopsin because of a tireless dedication to his craft, but few get to see what goes on when the spotlight goes off.

Token Releases An Explosive And Powerful Music Video About The Effects Of Bullying

While fans and friends, new and old, of Token see the Likes, the YouTube views, the numerous publications on his work, and his life on tour scattered in images across the reaches of social media, Token is dealing with some daunting, weight bearing life issues in the background, and, for those who believe otherwise, he assures it is not all fun and games.

In an introspective, often grave snapshot of these “New Problems,” Token drops one of the realest and rawest records of his short career. Spilled over a pacing Boom Bap instrumental from frequent collaborator Jon Glass and Brooklyn’s J57, Token drops passionate bars that reveal vulnerable tales of his relationship with a suicidal, love scorned fan, a shady industry snake, and his deteriorating ties with his family and friends.

As he has proven time and time again, most particularly with last year’s Eraser Shavings mixtape, Token’s vulnerability on wax is a cathartic affair and a true litmus test in empathy, not just for him, but for the fans, friends, and family he so desperately feels he is detaching from.

It is unclear whether “New Problems” will be included as part of a larger project. For now, the single may be purchased here.