9th Wonder Releases 7 Beats Custom Made For Redman. It’s Time 4 Sum Aksion!! (Audio)

Redman’s classic catalog includes some heavy-hitting producers. With a lot of co-production to his credit, Red’ made many of his most celebrated hits with Def Squad mentor Erick Sermon. RZA, Pete Rock, Parrish Smith, DJ Scratch, and Rockwilder (who made a critical early appearance on Dare Iz A Darkside) are also very closely tied to Funk Doc’s stack of hit albums, collabo efforts, and singles.

While he’s cut major tracks with Red’s peers like Jay Z, De La Soul, Masta Ace, and EPMD, 9th Wonder has never worked with Redman. As Reggie Noble plugs away at Muddy Waters 2, the Jamla Records founder has taken the liberty of publicly showing Redman seven tailor-made beats. What’s more, Hip-Hop Heads get to observe the submissions in real time, as 9th turns on his equipment and steps to Red with an oven full of hot buttered delicacies.

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Starting with “#1” (as we’ll number them sequentially), it shows that this is a different sound than Heads typically get on Redman albums:

Come on @redmangilla I’m IN here… Come to NC…..????

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“#2” brings back some vocal samples, a style 9th is closely associated with in classic tracks with Little Brother, Masta Ace, and Murs:


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“#3” keeps the vocals in, with a needle-drop effect. This one is peppier, with some gangsta ’70s brass:


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“#4” is an ill strand of futuristic Funk, perfect for some smoked out Reggie Noble musings:


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9th beckons “#5” with a bellowing “what’s up?” This Jazz-Funk track calls back to some of those fine moments from Redman’s stellar 1992 debut, Whut? Thee Album:

@redmangilla ????????????????????

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“#6” is some underwater Funk for the Doc to play with. For an MC who channels back to so many ’70s references, grimy-sounding vibes like these are perfect. If Redman doesn’t bite, it’s safe to say 9th is getting DM’s and @’s from hungry MCs right now trying to poach this production:

@redmangilla ????

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From console to laptop, “#7” is some Soul-sampling glory. This one too is upbeat and the kind of song that Redman could use as a Muddy Waters 2 calling card:

This is good quality storytelling @redmangilla right here…all the punched in extra voices and all…

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Redman heard 9th’s work, and reacted with a compliment (of 9th’s Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, and Phonte “Afro Blue (Blue Light Basement Remix)”), and said, “Yo 9th Wonder, I heard you want to work, ni**a? Let’s work, ni**a!”

@9thwonder I hear you…Lets Work ! The Song is Afro Blue ( 9th Wonder Remix )

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For those paying attention closely to sequel vibes, the ’96 gold-certified Muddy Waters led with K-Solo-assisting single “It’s Like That (My Big Brother)”:

9th, who throws “95 Live” parties, has been a huge advocate in favor of 90s MCs like Red. In the mid-2000s, the North Carolina native worked closely with Buckshot and the Duck Down Music label to help define new sounds for several veteran MCs. Last month, 9th released some previously unheard music with another vet, Lost Boyz’ leader Mr. Cheeks.

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If forced to pick just one, which of these seven would you like to hear Redman rap on?