Ice Cube Heads Straight Outta Compton To The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Video)

He may be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his Platinum-selling album Death Certificate, but Ice Cube will live forever on the streets of Los Angeles, literally. The Rap icon with a hugely successful career in film has been given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just a few miles from the Compton streets that inspired him and his N.W.A. co-members to rise up against oppression waged by those in power. Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella were all in attendance for the June 12 ceremony.

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Variety, who spoke with Cube about his prestigious accomplishment, explains that Cube’s schoolbus route once “involved making a pit stop on Hollywood Boulevard,” making today’s events exemplary of the L.A. native’s rise from the inner city to superstardom. “I had to catch the 210 bus down Crenshaw, then you would change buses in Hollywood,” he said in the interview. “And it’s dope, because I walked through Hollywood as a kid, trying to catch a bus to the Valley on my way to football practice. Now I’m gonna have a star there, and some kid like me, on his way to practice or whatever, is gonna see my name down there, and have hopes and dreams of getting theirs down there too.”

At the ceremony for the unveiling of his star, Ice Cube said “I’m so honored to be here. It’s a great day. I wanna thank everybody in the city of Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood … everybody that had to do with me getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really appreciate it,” as reported by HipHopDX. He shouted out his late brother and tour DJ, Crazy Toones, as being one of the reasons he was standing where he was on this momentous occasion. “You know, you don’t get here by yourself. And when you’re coming up doing music, movies, just trying to be creative, you never figure you’ll be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one day. Today is not really about Ice Cube. It’s about all the people who helped me get here.”

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Heads can watch the ceremony by forwarding to the 21:00 mark in the video below.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Ice Cube, who is gearing up for his biggest foray into entrepreneurship yet, his Big 3 basketball league. He also just wrapped up an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, where he spoke candidly with Maher about the latter’s use of the n-word in one of television’s most talked about moments of 2017. Cube also managed to find time to release new music, ahead of the re-release of Death Certificate.