MC Eiht Takes It Straight To Compton Right When It’s Most Wanted (Video)

This month, MC Eiht is preparing to release a deeply important album in his career. For nearly 30 years, the Compton’s Most Wanted front man has released a plethora of music chronicling life in the gang-ruled streets of Southern California. Whether on a major label or independently, Eiht hit fans off with annual accounts of the world as he saw it. In recent years, the MC/actor slowed his pace when he teamed with longtime friend/collaborator DJ Premier for Which Way Iz West. Releasing June 30 on Year Round Records/Blue Stamp Music, this LP celebrates Eiht’s legacy with a curated collection of new songs featuring Kurupt, The Lady Of Rage, B-Real, Bumpy Knuckles, WC, Tha Outlawz, and more.

“Compton Zoo” proves that while Eiht put quality over quantity in recent years (a claim he’s admitted), the message has not changed. Eiht and his homeboys go straight to the streets that made him a sensation on underground swap meet cassette tapes in the 1980s. In the vid, the gold-certified spitter sports a Gang Starr hat and CPT shirt as he delivers his bars with passion. Some things in Hub City have not changed, and the big brother collaborator of Kendrick Lamar and The Game shows his message resonates forever.

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DJ Premier’s hands follow his scratch-chorus, on a track produced by Brenk Sinatra. Those who have followed C.M.W.’s lyrics will recognize some of the landmarks, such as Tragniew Park.