MC Eiht & DJ Premier Make Some New Music To Driveby (Audio)

For more than 30 years, the city of Compton, California has been a Hip-Hop landmark. While N.W.A. may have first put it on the global scale, MC Eiht, King T, and others were right beside them in the ’80s. A contemporary of Eazy-E and Dr. Dre who has worked with Ice Cube, Eiht remains putting it down for the grids of Hub City.

“Compton Zoo” is the latest single ahead of this month’s Which Way Iz West album (June 30). Executive produced by DJ Premier (and coming through his Year Round label), this track features Preemo on the fast scratches. With a fast, moving beat, Eiht finds the pocket and navigates the corners, the neighborhoods, and more within his domain.

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“[MC] Eiht kept sending me new songs to pick from as we were completing the album. ‘Compton Zoo’ was one of the last new tracks he sent me and I immediately told him that this needed to be a single,’ said the Gang Starr producer in a press statement. “I told Eiht, I’m going to put a scratch somehow in the hook so I can be a part of this. Geah.”

While the LP features The Lady of Rage, Kurupt, Bumpy Knuckles, WC, B-Real, and many more, this is one of the songs that isolates Eiht. The voice who carried so many Compton’s Most Wanted albums and singles still commands, with O.G. wisdom that applies across generation and location.

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As a great note for Compton Hip-Hop, MC Eiht and DJ Quik released not one but two collaborative tracks recently.