MC Eiht Says He Never Changed Programs…And He Never Will (Audio)

By any standard, MC Eiht is a Hip-Hop OG. For 30 years, he has been a constant presence holding down the West Coast, particularly his hometown of Compton. Over that period, Eiht also has been one of the most prolific artists in any genre, releasing 22 albums, both as a solo MC and as part of collaborations.

MC Eiht Takes It Straight To Compton Right When It’s Most Wanted (Video)

As with artists like Redman and Scarface, through it all, Eiht has remained true to himself and his sound. Whether working with Compton’s Most Wanted, Kendrick Lamar, or, more recently, his former nemesis, DJ Quik, Eiht has always kept it trill.

Westside Connection: DJ Quik & MC Eiht Release Their First Ever Collaborations (Audio)

Now, Eiht is teaming with DJ Premier for his forthcoming album Which Way Iz West. Under most circumstances, a producer of Preemo’s stature would command the project, but he and Eiht have forged a true collaborative effort. On “Got That,” the latest release, Eiht lives up to the title, as he takes over the soulful track, while Premier cheers him on in the chorus.

Which Way Iz West features Kurupt, Xzibit, WC, The Lady Of Rage, B-Real, Bumpy Knuckles, Big Mike and several others.