Dizzy Wright, Demrick & Euroz Combine High Times With Fly Rhymes (Audio)

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The Still Movin label has been busy branding itself on a weekly basis. This week’s Monday drop is hosted by Demrick (fka Young De). The Serial Killers member and his frequent collaborator Dizzy Wright unleash “Let It Burn.” With an appreciation for mental elevation, the song is very much in line with the content of last year’s Blaze With Us collaboration.

However, with a lush piano, guitar, and drum arrangement (courtesy of The Undefeated), this song has depth. Demrick, who came up under Kurupt before his tenures with Xzibit and B-Real, does not just glorify rolling up. He breaks down why that is his escape in some complicated living. Wright spits next, with some stream of consciousness, surrounding his status rise. He puts his words together with finesse, using the speed in his delivery carefully to keep his flow interesting.

Dizzy Wright’s Ear Is To The Street. He Listens Then Puts His Plan To Action (Video)

Euroz plays clean-up. Like Wright, this Sin City native is here to stay. “A rookie now, but a legend later / You can mark my words, like correctin’ papers,” he raps. With artists from several cities, Still Movin’ appears to be a tight squad with a lot of momentum.