Sha Stimuli Returns With An Exploration Of American Racism Throughout The Years (Video)

Brooklyn, New York raised, Atlanta, Georgia based MC Sha Stimuli returned off a four year hiatus from the rap race last year with two powerful songs titled “Sticks and Stones” and “New Jordans/A Poem For Mike.” The first was about the effect words can have, while the latter was a seven minute track produced by Just Blaze and Needlz that thoroughly examined the dangers of materialism run rampant. Clearly an artist with a mission and a message, Sha has returned once again, this time with a poignant video for “Together” that explores the ongoing struggle for equality and brutal racism faced by Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement throughout the nation’s history.

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Beginning during plantation times and ending with the police murder of an unarmed Black man in the present day, the video also touches on the government’s targeting of Black leaders during the Civil Rights Movement and beyond through controversial, often illegal programs like COINTELPRO (specifically referenced in the visuals). The video also draws a comparison to the current surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists, illustrating just how little has changed over the centuries.

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Produced by Redd Lettaz, who also was behind the music for “Sticks and Stones,” and directed by Alexxiss Jackson, the song and video are equally evocative and call for people of all races to come together in the fight for Black lives. “When love conquers all, anything can be accomplished,” said Sha. “The police brutality, racial profiling, and targeted violence can be silenced if we see all humans as not just equals, but as ourselves.”

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