Vic Mensa Once Again Shows He’s 1 Of Today’s Best MCs With A Punishing Freestyle (Video)

Yesterday (July 28), Vic Mensa released his debut album, The Autobiography, but Mensa is far from new on the scene. The Chicago MC first made waves in 2009, as part of the group Kids These Days. In 2013, Vic began his solo career and once again turned heads with his stellar Innanetape mixtape. The project was enough to draw the attention of JAY-Z, who signed Mensa to Roc Nation a couple of years later. Since then, Mensa has released 2 EPs, last year’s There’s A Lot Going On and June’s The Manuscript. On both projects, Vic is deeply outspoken, both about social justice and struggles in his personal life.

Vic Mensa Holds Nothing Back On His New Single. The Autobiography Is Personal (Audio)

Contrary to the current trend of de-emphasized lyricism, Mensa is a true spitter. He has participated in the Hip Hop Awards Cyphers, and has delivered some of the most unforgettable freestyles of the last few years. He has particularly excelled on Sway In The Morning, where his “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle literally caused Sway to destroy his own studio.

Vic Mensa’s Freestyle Causes Sway To Destroy His Studio (Video)

Vic returned to Sway’s show to promote the release of his new album and, once again, he was in rare form. As the “HiiiPower” beat that J. Cole produced for Kendrick Lamar began to play (at 1:52), Mensa locked in and unleashed one of the finest freestyles of the year. As Kendrick did on the original song, Vic began with a reference to Malcolm X. Going off the top, he effortlessly peeled off complex lines like “Skeletons in the closet, I’m picking up the bones / Trying to build a happy house from a land of broken homes” and “Any night can be your last, so my days are precious / We restricted from elections ’cause we in state corrections / Making them bricks disappear like we playing Tetris / And all I hear is the same questions.

That’s just a taste. Vic goes on for nearly 4 minutes, absolutely punishing the track.

Listen to all of Vic Mensa’s The Autobiography here, and you can hear new music from Vic, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean, Pusha T, Oddisee, Joey Bada$$, Logic and a host of others on our Spotify playlist, below. The playlist is updated regularly, so follow us, if you like what you hear.