Action Bronson Samples Food AND Music & He’s Not Stopping (Audio)

Just days ago (August 25), Action Bronson released Blue Chips 7000. The third and now-confirmed final installment of the mixtape series closes out an important chapter in the Queens, New Yorker MC’s career. In 2012, when his first Party Supplies-produced tape launched, Action was an emerging Hip-Hop voice. In mid-’17, he’s become not only a Top 10 performer on the charts and a major label star, but a prominent TV personality, by way of Vice’s F*ck That’s Delicious, and others.

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Blue Chips 7000 released through Atlantic Records. Like other rappers in the Warner Music Group family (Meek Mill, Wale, Young Thug, etc.), the label partners with artists on informal projects between the formal albums. For Bronson, that was a risky financial proposition, given Blue Chips‘ past free wheeling sampling of artists like Peter Gabriel, Isaac Hayes, Elton John, The Champs, and The Pharcyde—just for starters.

However, on the closer to the series, Bronson and his collaborators (now including Harry Fraud) kept the formula. Nearly all of the tracks feature samples, ranging from Fat Boys on lead single “Let Me Breathe” to Duncan Lamont and the band Scope. Recently asked if he was bothered by sharing his royalties, Bronson replied “That’s not what I’m f*cking worried about,” Bronson tells Rolling Stone. “I’m just worried about the music being out there and people enjoying it. The money isn’t what drives me, so that doesn’t matter to me.”

Action Bronson – Blue Chips (2012 mixtape)

The Vice/Atlantic artist says he personally digs for sonic sources on YouTube. He added that he has no plans of stopping as a proper Mr. Wonderful album follow-up looms. “Samples [are] the base of Rap music. Like, who am I to f*ck tradition up? Who am I? I can’t do that. I’m following suit with the greats and this is how they made music. This is also innovating in a way ’cause nobody is doing this anymore. This is archaic and modern,” he said.

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The full Blue Chips 7000 album stream:

In the rest of the Rolling Stone interview, Bronson confronts getting wider recognition for TV than music. He breaks down his tour rider (food and drink demands), and more.