Flavor Flav Brings The Noise To Chuck D In A Lawsuit Over Public Enemy Royalties

Groups from Wu-Tang Clan to the Cash Money Millionaires have experienced internal lawsuits. In a year otherwise dedicated to their 30th anniversary of releasing Yo! Bum The Rush The Show, Public Enemy now experiences legal woes. According to TMZ, Flavor Flav is suing P.E. co-founder Chuck D, longtime producer (and Bomb Squad member) Gary G-Wiz, and management.

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In the documents obtained by TMZ, Flav alleges that Chuck D has not dispersed royalties his way in years, despite a profit sharing agreement. The Bronx, New York native claims to have co-written more than 50 of Public Enemy songs in the group’s expansive catalog. The site did not specify which songs Flav claimed are partially his. Furthermore, he says that he only received $7,500 for 2017’s Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (Except Death) album, despite requesting $75,000. That album, initially available on pay-as-you-wish platform Bandcamp, was offered to fans for free.

In his claims against G-Wiz (a P.E. producer since 1991), he alleges that he was not paid for his likeness used in group action figures.

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In the days before the group was known as Public Enemy, Chuck D and Flavor Flav worked together for a moving company, delivering furniture in New York and New Jersey. Both were aspiring DJs and rappers. An pre-Def Jam Records-era routine while working would become the basis of an early glimpse of their chemistry, “Public Enemy #1.” In the years since, while Chuck has returned to radio and published books, Flav fought solo fame through several reality TV series.

Chuck has not yet responded publicly to the suit and its charges.

Last month, Flav appeared on stage in Manhattan during Eric B. & Rakim’s 30th-anniversary concert for Paid In Full:

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In related Public Enemy news, band member Professor Griff has been confirmed to have married “4, 5, 6” rapper SolĂ©. She was previously wed to R&B star Ginuine. Last week, he and Chuck appeared with P.E. on Antlive’s “Give Me The Ball” video single.