Public Enemy Still Got Game & Chuck D Wants The Ball (Video)

Public Enemy already blessed fans with a free new album this summer. Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (Except Death) is still making its rounds. Meanwhile, in addition to Chuck D and DJ Lord’s ramping up with Prophets Of Rage towards a full-length album, P.E. stays moving.

Public Enemy Release Its Free Album 5 Days Early. Listen Now. (Audio)

The squad assists their RCS Music artist Antlive with “Give Me The Ball.” Nineteen years ago, P.E. made a slam dunk on the basketball court with “He Got Game.” Nothing has changed. Chuck, Professor Griff, and company appear in the video that cleverly weaves its metaphor of hoops and Hip-Hop. Both Chuck and Ant drop some jewels on B-ball history with the song. The music video uses archival footage (of both basketball and B-boys), with some gym shots, locker room sequences, and street exteriors. Chuck even fools around on the court a bit in the video, testing a spin-pass.

Public Enemy remains in the game, and great in the clutch.

Chuck D, B-Real & Rage Against The Machine Get Radical For Freedom (Audio)

This track appears on Ant’s La Flama Blanca LP.

In related news, Scarface previewed some of his upcoming music with Ambrosia For Heads this past week. In an exclusive snippet, the Geto Boys icon reworks some of P.E.’s 1988 single “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos”:

This appeared in today’s (August 23) episode of Last 7.