Scarface Has A New Album Coming & He Shares Exclusive New Music (Video)

It’s been a busy month for Scarface. The Houston, Texas legend closed July with footage of himself and longtime producer N.O. Joe in the studio. The MC/beat-maker pair responsible for “The Diary,” “Seen A Man Die,” “Smile,” and “Mary Jane” (co-productions) is at work on what appears to be ‘Face’s 13th LP.

Scarface Is In The Studio With A Key Producer. Rappers Are “In Trouble.” (Video)

Ambrosia For Heads’ Justin “The Company Man” Hunte caught Scarface with DJ Quik the night before last (August) at Los Angeles, California’s The Novo. The two veterans shared the stage, with ‘Face rocking out some of his set with an electric guitar.

Backstage, Hunte spoke to Scarface for TBD. While the title of his next album is yet to be revealed. However, the Geto Boys member confirmed that November is when the LP is expected to drop. From his phone, Scarface played the longest snippet to date of the recording.

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In the selection, ‘Face pays homage to Public Enemy’s 1988 video single “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos.” Hard hitting lyrics include:

I got a letter from the government, the other day, I opened, read it / They tellin’ me to dead it / It said that that message I was bringing brought destruction / I put the pen to the pad and said ‘f*ck ’em’ / Here’s a land that never gave a damn / About a ni**a like from the jump / They’d rather see me slump / Face down, shot five or six times / With my kid and her mama in the squad car cryin’ / And I’m dyin’ / Stop lyin’ / It’s a Black and white thing / Redneck-ass judge would rather watch a ni**a hang / Then indict what’s white,” apparently raps the platinum veteran in the clip. The beat is very similar to P.E.’s original Bomb Squad creation too.

Other TBD Videos.

In the August “rebuttal” edition of TBD, Hunte revisits some comments from several of the videos—including “Scarface: The Greatest Rapper Of All Time” from less than one month ago.

Earlier in the video, he debates whether Drake is the greatest non-GOAT rapper. The segment stems from a discussion Hunte had with Rude Jude on The All Out Show on Shade 45 earlier this week.

DJ Quik & Scarface Confirm Upcoming Collaborative Project (Video)

In other news, Scarface and DJ Quik confirmed an EP together. While Quik has done collaborative projects with Problem, Kurupt (another is coming), AMG, and the late Mausberg, this marks Face’s first shared effort since his Tha Hunnid project some years back.

Stay tuned to Ambrosia For Heads for more Scarface news and audio exclusives.

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#BonusBeat: A video that makes the case as to why Scarface may be the Greatest MC of All Time:

This TBD video includes quotes from ‘Face.