Scarface Is In The Studio With A Key Producer. Rappers Are “In Trouble.” (Video)

One never knows what Scarface’s status is until he decides to push the button on music. The Houston, Texas legend has claimed retirement multiple times in his decorated career, only to come back and make some incredible music after the hiatus. In what he considers his 30th year in the Rap game, Mr. Scarface is back, again.

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Nearly two years ago, FaceMob released Deeply Rooted, his 12th solo album. That release was Scarface’s first completely independent effort (after decades with Rap-A-Lot Records) and peaked at #11 on the charts. While no allusions to retirement were made, the avid golfer, guitarist, and author largely returned to his trademark recluse. He since made just a couple of key appearances, thanks to The Game’s gripping “Last Time You Seen (Tupac)” and Trakksounds’ “Once Upon A Time.”

A new video shows what Brad Jordan is cookin’. “So I’m in the studio… and the f*cked up part about me being in the studio is, I’m in the studio with this ni**a,” ‘Face says, as he motions to longtime producer N.O. Joe. “And the f*cked up part about me being in the studio with that ni**a means somebody’s ass is in trouble.” Clearly, Brad Jordan has some plans in store, and he’s sending warning shots. N.O. Joe plays a snippet at Scarface’s request.

Shit just got real… (yet again)

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In another video, Scarface plays another track, with a glimpse of some of his songwriting. The H-Town vet says he’s doing “two-a-days,” a training term used in team sports to break players from sedentary off-season habits:

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N.O. Joe, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the producer responsible for Scarface hits such as “The Diary,” “Seen A Man Die,” “Smile,” and “Mary Jane” (co-productions). He also worked extensively with Jodeci, AZ, U.G.K., Devin The Dude, and more recently, Freddie Gibbs.

Joe, who was closely tied to Big Mike, another N.O. artist who joined ‘Face in the Geto Boys for a time in the 1990s, played yet another sampling:

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In two of the songs, Heads can hear Scarface rapping about race relations in America. One song deals with white supremacy, while another features storytelling involving police profiling.

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Additionally, on social media, Scarface credited JAY-Z, Nas, Big Boi, 2 Chainz, and former label-mate/protege Z-R among the artists that have made him want to return to recording. Last month, Scarface praised Jay’s songwriting (calling him the “best”) ahead of his historic induction into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

#BonusBeat: A video that makes the case as to why Scarface may be the Greatest MC of All Time:

This TBD video includes quotes from ‘Face.