Kool G Rap, Lil Fame & Freeway Are Wise Guys On And Off The Mic (Video)

Since 1986, Kool G Rap has stuck to his guns as a trailblazer of East Coast Gangsta Rap and a paragon of lyricism. His cinematic portrayals and trenchant analysis of New York City street life made his longtime fans keep tabs on his newest offerings from the lab. Kool G Rap’s new self-explanatory album title, Return Of The Don, is his first solo LP in six years which applies the same formula that helped the legendary MC navigate his road to the riches in Hip-Hop.

The album’s first single “Wise Guys” features Brooklyn legend Lil Fame of M.O.P. and Philadelphia stalwart Freeway spitting fire over the muscular boom-bap production from venerable Toronto beat-smith MoSS. The song’s new video premieres at Ambrosia For Heads. Directed by Myster DL of ILL Mannered Films, the visual has undercover DEA detectives witnessing warring factions wet each other harder than the visual’s rainy day setting during a botched drug robbery at a warehouse in Brooklyn. Guns, gore, and ghetto fabulous cars are all on parade, and the prized product confiscated by the undercover agents turns out to be the master disc of G Rap’s new album.

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In his upper forties, G Rap is still packing ill bars, his signature slick-talking hustler’s lisp, and unwavering street credibility that will make all your favorite hardcore MCs show respect to the Don of Queens.

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