This Ghostface Killah Verse Makes It Right For Halley Hiatt Alongside A RZA Beat (Audio)

Ghostface Killah has made pure unadulterated Hip-Hop for 24 years and counting. However, the Wu-Tang Clan MC has been highly successful bridging the gap when he works out of the genre. With Amy Winehouse, Ne-Yo, or Fort Minor, Starks Enterprises is steadily open for business and churning out supreme product.

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Enter Halley Hiatt. She is the latest discovery of veteran producer/A&R Andrew Kelley. Andrew worked closely with RZA and Wu-Tang on multiple celebrated compilations, including the celebrated Wu-Tang Chamber Music and Wu-Tang Legendary Weapons, as well as G.F.K. & Adrian Younge’s Twelve Reasons To Die and 36 Seasons. Now, he brings those worlds together through a grabbing mix.

Giving Halley Hiatt a gritty push into the Rap world, Kelley assembles the “Make It Right (47_AK Bootleg Mix) featuring a romantic first-person verse Ghost’, who creates the chorus too. Hiatt adds her sultry songwriting and vocals, showcasing a wide range. Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, Kelley says in a press statement, “Flipping an archived Ghostface Killah verse and an obscure RZA beat, Halley Hiatt does everything she can to ‘Make It Right’ for this bootleg from her mixtape Heartbeats, coming soon.” Previously, Hiatt has worked with MCs such as Denzil Porter and Ro Ransom. Last year, she released an EP, Retrograde.

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Ghostface is reportedly at the helm of Wu-Tang Clan’s upcoming project. Earlier this year, he made appearances alongside rhyme partner Raekwon and Method Man protégé Hanz On.

Photo by Brian “1st” Alcazar.