Havoc, Fabolous & Lil Kim Perform “Quiet Storm (Remix)” In Tribute Of Prodigy (Video)

In June, the Hip-Hop world was rocked by the sudden death of Prodigy from Mobb Deep. The veteran MC had just performed at the Art Of Rap festival in Las Vegas, days before his passing. Although he was hospitalized shortly thereafter, those close to him believed the visit to be for the type of routine treatment he regularly received in connection with his lifelong battle with sickle cell disease.

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Prodigy’s death occurred just 5 days before the BET Awards and, while he was mentioned in a tribute to all of the fallen stars of the past year, there was not a major celebration of the Queens MC. Tonight, however, as Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors recognized 90s Game Changers, there was time for a proper dedication to the MC who meant so much to so many.

A News Traffic Report Gives Up The Goods For Prodigy In An Amazing Tribute (Video)

Havoc, Prodigy’s Mobb Deep co-founder, took the stage with Lil Kim and Fabolous, in a spirited performance of Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm (Remix),” from their album, Murda Muzik. Havoc set things off, before Kim took the stage with her legendary bombast. Fab closed things out, assuming the responsibilities for Prodigy’s verse. He was outfitted in a black bandana and a shirt with gigantic “P” emblazoned on it.

The stage was bathed in red lights, as pictures of Prodigy hovered above. Havoc closed the performance with “RIP, P. We love you.”