The Game Drops His Best Verse In Years & Lil Dicky Is At Least As Good (Audio)

Two years ago, Lil Dicky released one of the most creative records in some time with his song “Pillow Talking.” Housed on his album, Professional Rapper, the song was a whopping 10 minutes and, not only featured Dicky rapping a conversation between himself and a date, but also sported an unforgettable cameo from his Brain. Like Dicky, Brain was also a rapper, albeit with a more simplistic style, and, in both the song and the equally entertaining video, Brain stole the show. Tonight, Brain has released a surprise EP titled, I’m Brain, and, naturally, it contains a number of features from Lil Dicky.

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One of the standout songs on the project comes at its end. Brain takes a backseat on “How Can U Sleep,” and leaves the heavy lifting to Dicky and guest artist, The Game. Both MCs tackle the track with serious chips on their shoulders. While Game and Dicky might not seem very similar on the surface, over the years, both have been woefully underestimated as lyricists. Casual listeners have latched onto Dicky’s humor and overlooked his prodigious mic skills. For Game, his perception as a West Coast Gangsta rapper and his choice at times to adopt a more straight-forward flow, have caused some to put him in a box. Last year, he was even accused of having a ghost writer, a myth he debunked with a crushing freestyle battle with his alleged writer.

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On “How Can U Sleep,” Dicky kicks things off at a normal pace, with a number of humorous lines about how good his life has gotten over the last few years. When Game comes on the mic, playtime is over. He picks up the tempo and the aggression, with lines like “Don’t say I can’t rap, like I’m not a Rap God / like I won’t break your f*ckin’ favorite rapper’s rap jaw.”

Not wanting to get outshone on his own record, Dicky comes back in with a double time flow that is treacherous. He begins with “We can start with Rap sh*t / I ain’t never lost at that sh*t / Let me clear it up proactive / I could walk up in this muthaf*cka looking everybody dead up in the eye like ‘Yeah, we could rap for that sh*t,” and it just gets harder from there.

Take a listen to “How Can U Sleep,” below and, if you like what you hear, follow us on Spotify.

In addition to new Lil Dicky (and Rain), the playlist has been updated with highlights from Rapsody, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, Saba, The Roots, Vince Staples and Action Bronson. Together, these artists join Sean Price, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Nas, Joey Bada$$, Evidence, J. Cole, Oddisee, XXXtentacion, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Raekwon, Vic Mensa, David Banner, Tyler, The Creator, Meek Mill, Jidenna and a host of others.