Lil Dicky Has Released 1 Of The Greatest Music Videos Ever. It’s Insane In The Brain.

Professional Rapper Lil Dicky continues to serve up content from the 2015 debut album that introduced him as one of the most humorous minds in Rap music. With “$ave Dat Money,” the rapper born David Burd created one of the most memorable videos in recent years, managing to produce an ostentatious video and actually make money. Its success, as well as the success of singles “White Crime,” “Molly,” and the title track (featuring Snoop Dogg) helped land the album number-one spots on the Rap, Comedy, Independent, and Digital charts. Today (April 12), the Philadelphia-area Lil Dicky has released yet another video for the LP, though this time he takes a cinematic approach for a short film.

For All Who Doubt Lil Dicky’s Lyrical Ability, This Bruh’s For You (Video)

“Pillow Talking” is a recounting of a one-night stand and the many turns taken in a conversation between Dicky and his bedmate. With talk about aliens, war, religion, and the universe, it’s not your typical pillow talk. In the 11-minute music video, the two get busy in his bedroom, after which they lounge and converse for a while, but once the 2:40 mark hits, things start getting wild. Aliens and soldiers start battling on the nightstand, and then Dicky’s brain walks in. The song itself features an artist billed as Brain, though it’s clearly a joke, as the voice reciting Brain’s lyrics is Dicky’s. Nevertheless, Brain becomes his own character in the short film, and begins to debate with Dicky and his girlfriend about the existence of God. That’s when John C. Reilly, who plays God, enters the story and he’s followed by dinosaurs, ancient humans, a slaughterhouse, and more. Eventually, Lil Dicky and his date realize their opposing views on life and its meaning are too contrasting, and the evening takes a sour turn…but his brain never shuts off.

Beyond the clever visual effects and the unreal qualities of the video, there’s a down-to-earth, relatable message about what happens when we overthink, and can’t put our brains to bed…