For All Who Doubt Lil Dicky’s Lyrical Ability, This Bruh’s For You (Video)

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Ushered in as a member of XXL‘s Freshman Class of 2016, Lil Dicky performed a verse from his 2015 album Professional Rapper. “Bruh…” is a no-nonsense lyrical barrage of a song, absent of overpowering production and instead centered around rapid-fire delivery of bars that prove he can stand tall amongst his fellow freshmen. Perhaps best known for the humorous comedy rap he presents on songs like “$ave Dat Money,” his decision to perform a piece of “Bruh…” for XXL‘s Freshman freestyle series may be indicative of a desire to show his critics that he is, in fact, a serious MC.

Lil Dicky’s Music Is Fearless & So Are His Interviews (Video)

The video, shot in black-and-white and subdued in its production, allows for Dicky’s breakneck speed to jump off the screen while he performs the song at a quip that outpaces its original version. “I’m too nice like a motherfucker who fell in love with a boo twice, as in double as fuckable as he was/and dude tries to be subtle and get a cuddle, venting the troubles and getting the truffles,” he begins. It’s fitting he chose that verse to start his segment, because he’s able to close his performance with the final line of the song. “Are you better than me? Bruh…”

Lil Dicky recently released a music video for “Molly,” a song that exposes his vulnerabilities and adds yet another dimension to his identity as an artist.