Lil Dicky’s Music Is Fearless & So Are His Interviews (Video)

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Less than one year ago, Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC Lil Dicky cemented his status on the national scene with Professional Rapper. The fast-flowing lyricist who first began with aspirations in stand-up comedy made an album unlike any other—and fans responded. Dicky’s self-released LP hit the Top 10, while urging people to save their money, while making fun of white racial stereotypes, and even male “endowment.” Artists ranging from Snoop Dogg to T-Pain to Rich Homie Quan participated, as videos garnered one million views in a single day. In whole, David Burd proved he was a top professional in the 2015 Rap game.

In 2016, nothing has changed. At work on his sophomore album, Lil Dicky proves that his fearless approach to entertainment is not a one-album theme. Speaking with Tim Westwood, David enjoys visiting London, England and the United Kingdom for the first time in his 28 years.

Over the course of the 23 minute interview, Dicky opens up about flirting and showing great care regarding intimacy as an entertainer (1:30). Later, he reveals that he’s trying online dating via Hinge and Bumble—after some previous experience with Tinder. He touches upon the fact that he first opened up for Bad Boy Records’ 112, when he was an adolescent “That was the first real, live performance I ever did.” (6:00) He admits driving a 14 year-old Toyota Avalon that his grandfather willed to him, his only car. He asserts that “save dat money” is a real, real-life mantra. He says he exclusively wears free clothes too, and will never shop again. (12:00)

Next, Dicky explains that achieving one million views in day for the 2013 “Ex-Boyfriend” video will always be the best day of his life. He adds that his peak will be at 35 years old, where he plans to meet the true love of his life, and segue into acting. From there, he details his ideal woman as a confessed hopeless romantic and serial first-dater. He is candid of what takes place at the end of those first dates—and why STDs are one of the only things that give him fear. He is one of the first rappers to speak openly about protection—and how a major, special brand partnership may be taking place with Trojan. In the midst of this, L.D. publicly states his “body count” in sexual partners. Aligned with his Rap persona, he states those figures before and since releasing his hit album. He and Westwood close with a discussion on penis size that may be the first of its kind in the Hip-Hop space. And while discussing length, girth, and number of partners is no problem for the viral Hip-Hop star, he reveals that he is not proud in admitting that he uses weed sexually and creatively.

Lil Dicky is a rapper like no other, and this interview is certainly something that is hard to compare anyting else in the space to.

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Earlier this week, it was announced that Lil Dicky is included on the 2016 XXL Freshmen cover.