DOOM & Kool Keith Are Otherworldly MCs. Their Latest Collab Is On The Moon (Audio)

DOOM reconnects with the MC once known as “Dr. Dooom.” Metal Face and Kool Keith make a fitting pair. These are two rhyme revolutionaries of New York City Hip-Hop. For Keith, that’s true of more than 30 years. DOOM is not far behind him, with critical work dating back 25 years-plus. These two artists are reclusive at times, love introducing characters, side projects, and keeping their fan-base highly engaged.

Atmosphere, DOOM & Kool Keith Send A Bright Beam Of Light From The Underground (Audio)

Following two collaborations in ’16, Keith appears on “Notebook 04” (week 5 of the ongoing Adult Swim series). The two-verse song finds both MCs basking in their otherworldly glory. In between, the Astronote (Kendrick Lamar, Rapper Big Pooh, Sha Stimuli) beat lets listeners know these two prime rhymers are “on the moon.”

Over Astronote’s gritty loop, Keith rides the beat closely as his mind flips through a Batman comic book. Seamlessly, DOOM follows with lyrical quips about lunch-meat logos, the President, and this autobiographical gem: “Meanwhile, the world keeps on spinnin’ / Seems like the forces of evil keep on winnin’ / Change of plans / And I’ll take that off ya hands / Retreat back to the cave with ya mans / Supervill’ salute Milk Dee, top bill / Top notch, you chop meat and chop krill / In the midst of trappin’ and gun-clappin’ / DOOM, 25 years in, son-slappin’ / Wrote the key to life down on some napkin / Can’t find it.

DOOM & Kool Keith Are Villains With Heroic Verses (Audio)

As DOOM recently announced the relaunch of KMD, Keith is fast at work (with Dan The Automator and DJ QBert) on the rebirth of Dr. Octagon.

#BonusBeat: An Ambrosia For Heads breakdown on just what DOOM is up to:

This Last 7 clip released last month.