Redman Explains Why He Would Rather Endure Gruesome Pain Than Suffer Disloyalty (Video)

Later this month, Masta Killa will release Loyalty Is Royalty (September 29). Three of that album’s guests include Redman, Method Man, and Inspectah Deck. In line with the title of the Wu-Tang Clan member’s fourth album, those three affiliates spoke about what loyalty means to them.

Masta Killa’s New Album Will Be A Wu-Tang, Prodigy & Redman Affair

Red’ begins, “Loyalty to Redman is every-f*cking-thing. I would rather get kicked in the f*cking balls by a fat chick too, with a with a big, fat, wide ass who makes sure she gets both of ’em, than someone stealing from me or lying to me. Being disloyal, no. It don’t f*ckin’ run in my blood; loyalty is f*ckin’ everything, and I would not move without a loyal crew.” Redman’s crews include his own Gilla House family, Def Squad (which he recently called for another from), and his partnership with Meth’. “[As] a matter of fact, my circle is small as hell this year, right now. Mothaf*ckas bein’ disloyal, just countin’ they-self out.”

In the video, Method Man weighs the value of loyalty. “Being loyal to my crew, even with solo projects, my duo with [Redman], I always brought it back home to the foundation. No matter what Wu-Tang [Clan] album it was, I was always on it…regardless to how much money was involved. It was just the experience of being around so many great minds. That was truly the jewel.” Method Man worked on all the Wu albums, in addition to supporting compilations including The Swarm and Legendary Weapons. He also supported affiliated acts like Cappadonna, Deadly Venoms, and Sunz Of Man, among many others.

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Deck adds, “Loyalty is royalty.” Meth, Rebel I.N.S., and guest Redman all appear on Wu-Tang’s new single, “People Say.”‘ Both Red’ and Meth’ appeared on Masta Killa’s first album single, “Therapy.”

#BonusBeat: Last month, Ambrosia For Heads premiered the “Now You See Me” version of Loyalty Is Royalty‘s second single “OGs Told Me”:

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