Mysonne Puts Morality Over Money In One Of The Most Woke BET Cyphers Ever (Video)

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Mysonne is a Hip-Hop rarity. After spending seven years in prison, rather than seeking to glorify his stint, as most rappers do, he’s used the experience to caution others against following in his footsteps. He also consistently has been one of the more outspoken voices against much of the negative and false narratives that are often perpetuated in the culture.

In May, he did a powerful freestyle over Future’s “Mask Off,” where he took Future to task on his own song. Addressing Future’s persistent refrain of “Molly, Percocets,” Mysonne says “Molly, percosets. These ni**as is crazy. Uppers AND downers, huh? Take ’em both. Blow your heart up. Listen, man. I wasn’t born last night…These ni**as will piss on you and tell you it’s raining. Good luck with that. Pecosets. You on percosets. Pecosets? What? You on percosets? You a fiend, ni**a. You a fiend.”

Tonight (October 11), Mysonne joined a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, along with Axel Leon, Little Simz, 6lack and Tee Grizzley, and, once again, he delivered bars of wisdom. “Welcome to reality / I am a fake rapper’s rivalry, the leader of the calvary,” he begins. “I got ’em mad at me / ‘Cause I free kids from the trap and put morals over salary,” he continues. “No, you not a G, you got it misconstrued / You all on IG, lying to get views / Got these little kids dying, trying to listen to you / Or they sittin’ in prison, instead of sitting in school / ‘Cause you told ’em ‘play the game,’ didn’t give ’em the rules / Why don’t you tell ’em it’s fixed, they playin’ just to lose / So, all my young kings, don’t ever listen to fools / Nah, I’m not hatin’ just a little confused / How you show ’em all the diamonds, never give ’em no jewels / Now, if you tired of the buffonery / Follow me, I’ll show you how to shine without jewelry / Show you how to grind and buy back the community / Bring Black on Black crime back to Black unity.” At the end of his powerful verse, he takes a knee and raises a fist in the air.

The cypher may be the strongest of the night, with each of Leon, Little Simz, 6lack and Tee Grizzley also delivering strong verses.