Papoose Takes A Ratchet Freestyle Challenge & Makes It Regal (Video)

Papoose kept it both real and regal as he freestyled for nearly seven minutes, during an appearance on Hot 97, this week.

The Brooklyn wordsmith didn’t skip a beat as he lyrically juggled his way through a medley of current events, including the government’s possible involvement with Hurricane Harvey and the NFL’s recent obsession with taking a knee.

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“Kaepernick set an example for the NFL, none of ’em listened / Now they all kneeling since Trump called them sons of a bitches,” Papoose rapped.

Later in his freestyle, Papoose added a regal twist to the latest social media trend. Rather than professing all the things he’d do “for the p*ssy,” Pap instead paid tribute to his queen, Remy Ma.

“You take a stand for that p*ssy / You turn on your own man for that p*ssy…I do it big for the queen / I take a swig for the queen / That’s how I live for the queen / My wife caught a case, I did a bid with the queen,” the Bed-Stuy spitter added.

The freestyle ends on a clever (and numeric) note, with Papoose crafting rhymes with the numbers one through nine to drop his final bars.