Lil’ Kim Shows She’s The Original Queen Bee As She & Remy Ma Sting Nicki Minaj (Audio)

Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have one of Rap music’s longest-running beefs. Before Nick’ was a YMCMB superstar, she apparently took early shots at Kim on Hoodstarz mixtapes. As Minaj’s career rose meteorically in the late 2000s, Kim called out the fellow New Yorker for copying her style of rhyme delivery and fashion (including replicating iconic photo-shoots), without permission or even giving proper credit. In the years that have followed, Nicki Minaj appears to have had the upper-hand (and certainly the bigger podium), despite an onslaught of jabs from The Notorious K.I.M.

That may be changing this week. Fresh off of her latest comeback video single “Took Us A Break,” Lil’ Kim partners with Remy Ma for alliance cut “Wake Me Up.” The Cool & Dre-produced song strongly references Kim’s 1996 “Queen B@#$H,” featuring Biggie Smalls. Remy, who newly signed a solo contract to Columbia Records, is entrenched in her own Nicki beef, dating back to the top of this year. Remy has been an artist who’s shown Kim a great deal of respect for her game-changing role as New York female artist who used a “hardcore” delivery, and made hits alongside male peers. On the song’s chorus, Kim declares, “B*tches ain’t humble enough!” The crown has never been handed over, and the former Junior M.A.F.I.A. starlet is not in a generous mood.

While Kim sprinkles her co-sign all over the track, Remy stabs with the precise cuts. “I’m rich, I’ma stay that b*tch! / You fake-ass b*tch, you owe homage, pay that sh*t! / Spray that fif’, the crown, I’ma take that sh*t / ‘Cause you a clown and Homey don’t play that sh*t! / See, they ain’t slick, be talkin’ all cray and sh*t / And then you see ’em, they be like that they ain’t say that sh*t! / I hate that sh*t, I can make-or-break your sh*t / I heard he lay that d*ck, you let him filet that fish / You just met ‘im, how he bae that quick? / I’ll say it to your face, don’t gotta relay that sh*t / If Nick-ole a Kid-man, OJ that b*tch!” Just as she’s done for most of 2017, Remy Ma goes all in on her attack, down to a Nicole Brown Simpson punchline that also plays with Minaj’s stage name.

Nicki Minaj’s “Motorsport” appearance apparently deaded reports that she and Cardi B have beef. However, the superstar has two other MCs she most definitely ought to be worried about.

Last week, Kim expounded on the beef while appearing on Ebro In The Morningshe also discussed her rhyme-writing and her violent relationship with B.I.G.. There,

Remy’s upcoming solo album is titled 7 Winters, 6 Summers, her proper follow-up to 2006’s There’s Something About Remy.