Nipsey Hussle Is Releasing His 1st Major Label Album & It’s On His Terms (Video)

For more than a decade, Nipsey Hussle has had a unique relationship with record labels. From a peer class that seemed to covet contracts, “Neighborhood Nip” was among the first rappers to prove he did not need company backing. Like his musical content, the MC shows his intelligence and grit in his dealings.

Following the breakout success of the Slauson Boy mixtape in the mid-2000s, the Los Angeles, California MC signed a deal with Cinematic/Epic Records. By 2010, the major backing still failed to give Heads an album. All the while, Nip’ stayed the course of supplying the streets with a constant stream of mixtapes that packed a punch and quality. He achieved charting independent singles (off of free tapes), XXL “Freshmen” covers, and high-profile album features. Nipsey’s movement accomplished hard to reach feats on his own two. All the while, Nipsey innovated his hustle. In 2013, his $100 Crenshaw mixtapes showed the real value of street music in a way that JAY-Z responded to (buying 100 copies of the physical CD).

After more than nine tapes, Nipsey Hussle and his All Money In have found a partner in Atlantic Records. On February 16, 2018, the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name MC will release his debut album, Victory Lap. In the first video single, “Rap Ni**as,” Nipsey travels between his native L.A. and New York City. He shows the fan-base he’s built and those who are part of the movement. The song is produced by collective 1500 Or Nothin’ (The Game, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill).

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True to his journey, Nipsey’s song is about how he’s nothing like the typical rapper. He is a trailblazer of the modern DIY movement and an artist who kept West Coast Gangsta Rap alive when it was not the trend. “Told the world look I’m back, ni**a / Saved my deal, then I cracked, ni**a / They folded, so I left, ni**a / Can’t no motherf*cka tell me sh*t, ni**a / We the No Limit of the West, ni**a / Percy Miller at his best, ni**a / Jigga with the Rollie and the vest, ni**a,” he touts. Nipsey Hussle learned the game from two of the 1990s boldest businessmen in music, and now he makes his move—a Victory Lap.