Scarface’s Life Story Is Told Against The Soundtrack Of His Latest Song (Video)

Plenty of Hip-Hop legends are living, but not nearly as many are releasing consistent, quality product. Scarface is approaching 30 years on wax, and his newest single, “Black Still,” finds him spitting hard, political rhymes with fire in his belly. The just-released Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files contains six new songs from the Geto Boys O.G., in addition to some alternate mixes from the acclaimed 2015 companion LP. There is a reason why Scarface is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

‘Face, who has worked with Tupac, Dr. Dre, JAY-Z, Nas, Too Short, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, and countless others pulls inspiration from another legendary outfit: Public Enemy. “Black Still” is a reworking of P.E.’s 1988 “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” that packs a contemporary punch. Produced by longtime Scarface partner N.O. Joe, this song has something for your mind and your head to bob along to its beat. In August, Brad gave Ambrosia For Heads and TBD an early listen to the track, while backstage before his DJ Quik collabo’ concert.

Last Of A Dying Breed: Why Scarface Is The Greatest MC Of All Time (Video)

Ambrosia For Heads is proud to present the “Now You See Me” version of “Black Still.” For a career as long as Scarface’s there is still a lot that even his faithful fans don’t know. Brad Jordan has famous relatives, a coveted 5-mic Source magazine review, and mentored both a multi-platinum superstar as well as a cult Rap hero. The Houston, Texas native is also an avid Rock & Roll Head, who enjoys KISS, thrash, and punk bands. When he’s not tuning his electric guitar (as played on many of his beloved records), Scarface enjoys wielding a driver in the tee-box of the golf course. Throughout his career, ‘Facemob has gained millions of fans through being himself, without compromise. As one of Hip-Hop’s most active icons releases new music in late 2017, take a moment to learn a little bit more about the man behind the legend.

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