Bishop Nehru & DOOM Have A New Album Coming. The 1st Song Raises The Roof (Video)

It’s been nearly four years since Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM teamed up for their NehruvianDOOM album, and now they’ve reunited for Nehru’s upcoming project, Elevators: Act I & II, slated for a March 16, 2018 release. The split into two acts signifies themes of “Free Falling” and “Ascension,” with one half of the album produced by DOOM, and the other half produced by Montreal artist KAYTRANADA. The first look at the project comes in the form of the new single, “Rooftops.”

Starting us off with the last song on the album’s tracklist, the 21-year-old Nehru enlists his mentor DOOM to lace him with smooth jazz samples to rap over. Between the saxophones and the eerie sound of wind blowing in the distance, the song has a very New York feel to it. This is only emphasized by the visuals in the video, which feature Nehru rapping while sitting along the edge of a skyscraper rooftop.

MF DOOM & CZARFACE Are Releasing A Joint Album. Here’s The First Song (Audio)

While full-length MF DOOM releases have been few and far between in recent years, this project with Bishop Nehru now makes two albums fans have to look forward to in March, with DOOM’s unique production heavily featured on this album, and his rapping featured on the upcoming CZARFACE album (March 30).

Fans in New York and L.A. have a chance to be invited to an in-studio listening session with Bishop Nehru to hear the new album before its official release; instructions on how to enter can be found at