Chris Rivers & Star Rios Honor Their Father Big Pun With Verses (Audio)

February 7 is a milestone day in Hip-Hop. It marks the birthday of J Dilla (in 1974), and also the day that Big Pun passed away, back in 2000. Typically, Pun’s son Chris Rivers uses the date to pay tribute to his father, a personal and controversial figure within the Rios family.

In 2018, Chris brings his sister Star Rios with him for the tribute. Together, the two MCs show just how deep the craft of Hip-Hop runs in the Rios’ family bloodline. “You Ain’t Banned” blends the instrumentals of N.O.R.E.’s  “Banned From TV” (produced by Swizz Beatz) and Pun’s “You Ain’t A Killer” (produced by Young Lord), both songs that lyric lovers tend to hold in high regard.

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More than just a display of bars, the freestyle tribute addresses the complicated man that was the late Christopher Rios, Star kicks things off, rapping about how her father not only taught her to fight but how his actions forced her to build survivor mechanisms even ahead of womanhood. Halfway through the track, when the beat changes, Chris raps his own remembrance. He plainly states that he and his dad differ on some philosophies, but he is still able to show respect and gratitude. In his verse, Pun’s son raps that the family’s bloodline in Rap is a real thing. Those familiar with Rivers’ nimble flows and rhyme intensity have no doubt. He also raps about how, like their dad, his sister instilled a street-savvy toughness in him.

Chris Rivers Pays Tribute To His Father Big Pun With A Crushing Freestyle (Video)

Star released I Heard Myself, while Rivers’ most recent project is Delorean.