Evidence & Slug Make A Video That Is Both Dope & Sobering

Last month, Evidence seemingly reached a new plateau in his solo career following the release of his fourth solo album, Weather Or Not. The Los Angeles-bred MC/producer’s cohesive project contains a wide range of production and cathartic songwriting that addresses fatherhood, the harsh reality of his terminally-ill spouse, and dealing with inner-demons that affect his creative process.

For the fourth video from his new album, Mr. Slow Flow brings visceral imagery to his numbed emotions for the meditative track “Powder Cocaine” featuring Atmosphere’s Slug. The track is produced by Ev’s Step Brothers partner Alchemist. The evocative beat possesses a sauntering choir harmony, hard snares with booming bass, and a murmuring chorus that sounds like 1960s Psychedelic Rock.

Evidence Explains How Weather Or Not Is A Personal & Therapeutic Album

The surreal video is directed by Jason Goldwatch, whose résumé includes notable work for others, including The Roots, Common, Kid Cudi, Kool Keith, and Roc Marciano. The five-minute visual begins with a close-up of an eyeball. It continues with kaleidoscopic effects of traveling through the solar system and ultimately to where Ev’ and Slug sit on a staircase. Evidence then empties the contents of a pill capsule, which all become enlarged, bouncing freely through the steep hills of San Francisco. Towards the end of the clip, everything seen in the preceding minutes of the vid’ plays in reverse.

The Dilated Peoples’ co-founder offers sobering lyrics about overcoming depression. Part of the lyrics are inspired by Dave Chappelle’s “Rick James” comedy sketch: “I be fine like power cocaine / And that’s a hell of a drug, and that’s a hell of a saying / They need elephant trucks to get it off of the plane / I want to better myself, they want to dwell in the pain / I want to better my health, no umbrella for rain.

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True to his name, the video’s message that Evidence is living proof of going through hard moments in life struggles can produce one’s most erudite, progressive work.

Weather Or Not released on Rhymesayers Entertainment, an imprint co-owned by Slug.

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#BonusBeat: Ambrosia For Heads‘ Facebook Live interview with Evidence less than one month ago:

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