RZA Wrecks A Party. He Freestyles Into Headphones & Scratches (Video)

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In the last year, Wu-Tang Clan released an album whereby RZA handed the production reigns to DJ Mathematics. The Abbott executive produced, but the longtime leader of the Wu appears focused on his Hollywood career more than plugging out beats on the ASR-10 in his studios. However, do not get it twisted. RZA is still a B-Boy at heart, and during last week’s South By Southwest, he showed a party how he grew up rockin’.

Closing out the festivities in Austin, Texas, DJ and producer, Skratch Bastid threw a cookout and showcase in two intimate ATX venues (Bungalow and Container Bar). The lineup was thick, with names like The Roots’ Stro Elliot, Just Blaze, Swishahouse’s DJ Michael “5000” Watts, Talib Kweli, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Meanwhile, Bastid’s selection of merch’ amplified the backyard BBQ vibe. But his vision for the ultimate Hip-Hop party was kicked into full gear later at a house party, when RZA made a surprise appearance. Despite his high status, the longtime MC, DJ, and producer knows how to rig a low-budget mic and kick rhymes the old-school way. He uses Bastid’s headphones (which were plugged into the microphone jack) to broadcast his improvised bars.

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For those that aren’t familiar with this makeshift mic, RZA explains it in his freestyle rhyme: “Plug the headphones in the back of the mixer / Next thing you know you have the magic elixir.” Bobby Digital also references, “taking it back to ’82,” Nodding at the heydays of Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow, when underground parties were dominated by the DJ and MC. Right as he begins his freestyle, RZA cuts a few zigga-zigga’s on the turntables to let ’em know that once a mixmaster, always a mixmaster.

Bastid, although visibly enthused about RZA’s appearance, had no problem playing off Bobby Digital’s lines and holding down the cuts for a true Hip-Hop moment. All (in) together, this creates a one of a kind experience for those in attendance, and luckily, the rest of us, thanks to this video:

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In addition to work with Chipotle and musician Mike Smith in the last year, RZA appeared on five songs on The Saga Continues (named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ Top 15 Hip-Hop albums of 2017).

Spotted at Grand Good.