ANoyd May Rule The World Better Than Nas & Lauryn Did With This Freestyle (Video)

ANoyd might not be a household name yet, but he is one to watch. Closely. The Connecticut-based MC is quickly establishing himself as among the most talented in his generation. Like Kendrick, Cole, Logic and Joey Bada$$, the up and coming artist flexes a more lyrical style than many of his contemporaries, patterned after those who came before him. In fact, in a clear reference to a major influence, ANoyd named his latest album Blame It On JAY-Z.

ANoyd is the most recent guest invited to freestyle on The L.A. Leakers show, and he makes the most of his appearance. As he borrows the beat from Nas’ “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That),” featuring Lauryn Hill (a song that, itself, borrows elements from both Kurtis Blow’s record of the same name and Whodini’s “Friends“), ANoyd proceeds to go absolutely berserk.

From the outset, ANoyd spits bars that are instantly rewind-worthy. He opens with “The drive that you ride around with ’bout to break down, rust in it / You pray to God in that ’86 Honda sh*t / I guess you really crossing out things in your bucket list / That line was so over your head, I ain’t discussin’ it.” Keenly aware of how he stacks up against most of his peers, ANoyd also addresses the current state of Rap music. “Hip-Hop is still my b*tch and I care about her / But lately she been mumbling, so I don’t hear about her / My wordplay is second to none and I’ll say it louder / Punch is ludicrous to the flow, like Terrence Howard.”

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Although, ANoyd begins by saying to the Leakers “I’m finally up here, right?,” he raps with the confidence and poise of someone who knows he’s where he’s always belonged.